The North Dorr Barn

Originally homesteaded in 1852, this farm changed hands 12 times before the current family purchased it in the summer of 1929. The barn was built in the 1880‘s. The current family purchased this farm while living across the street and added it to their acreage. They were able to run this farm and their own farm during the depression with success. The family ran it as a full time farm through the 1940’s, this barn saw action raising milking cows and farming feed for the livestock. With Grand Rapids seeing a boom in manufacturing after WWII the farm became less active while the owner took full time work in a factory. The farm mixed with full time factory work was able to raise six kids. The current grandson of the buyer decided it was time to shorten the barn from its length of 100ft to a more manageable 60 ft. We now have old growth first cut oak and pine to bring to you.


Historical Notes

A local harness shop owner held title on the farm a few times before the current family bought it. He acted as the bank while holding the note and foreclosing on the owner in the summer of 1929.

The farm is located on a trail indians used while traveling between Allegan and Grand Rapids.

While rehabbing the house on the property the current owners found evidence of a possible still used in manufacturing moonshine during prohibition.